GWB - Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa

Venue: ED C7, Piso 1, Campus da Faculdade de CIências da Universidade de Lisboa, Campo Grande, Ed 7, Piso 1, Lisboa, PT 1749-016

Time: 10:00 am

At DQB/FCUL the “Festival of the Periodic Table” will be organized along the 2019 International Year of Periodic Table, in networking with other national and international institutions through the website of the Portuguese Society of Chemistry (SPQ). This Festival includes: the Global Women’s Breakfast bringing together women from different stages of their careers at FCUL and by connecting outstanding women scientists at the national and international level; Empowering Women in Chemistry presentation: "The tradition of Portuguese women in chemistry"; the "Periodic Table Lecture of the Month" given by outstanding scientists of all ages, a program oriented to the society; Games and Quizzes addressing youth.​

For more information, please contact: Prof. Amelia Rauter





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